Sep 2013

21-Day Fix- Latest Beachbody Workout!

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Tone up your trouble zones, be it your abs or thighs- toning them in less than a month is your dream come true with 21-day Fix! 21-day Fix will be giving you flat midsection. Your new trainer Autumn Calabrese will help you reach your desired results in the easiest way possible!

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21-Day Fix workout program

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is a National Bikini Champion! Certified with NASM and AFPA, her great motivational style has helped her achieve a fame in fitness and health industry as a celebrity trainer. Her excellent sense of fitness and health in choosing good and clean food, Autumn empowers you to reach your fitness goals in a sustainable way.

21-day Fix Program

7 exotic workouts forms the first part of this 21-day fix program. Duration of each workout is 30-minutes for 21-days to give you jaw-dropping outlook. Suitable for the fitness level of all types, 21-day Fix Program utilizes a Portion Control System to tone your outlook in just 21-days.

An element that supersedes this workout from others is that its creator has imposed equal stress on nutrition as workouts. There is no doubt that 70% of your outlook reflects your eating habits. Autumn, helps you indulge in stress-free calorie intake using containers. No calorie count, no weighing and no measuring carbs or points! If it sets in a container you can eat it. Moreover, you can take Wine with this 21-day nutrition guidelines.

21-day Fix Results and Reviews!

You can lose up to 10-15 lbs in just 21-days as indicated by 21-day Fix Results! 21-day Fix Reviews indicate that you can jump into this workout, no matter what your current fitness level is!

21-day Fix Program is Available Now!

21-day Fix  is available at $140 (For the month of February ONLY)

Buy Your 21 Day Fix Here

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